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CASA Standards of Behavior

In order to ensure that our events are conducted “decently and in good order” (1 Cor. 14:40), we have established the following standards of behavior for students:


We desire for all students to be:



  • All students shall follow all any rules established by the facilitator of an event, tutorial, co-op, or gathering.


  • Students shall be respectful towards parents, tutors, and their peers.

  • Students shall be respectful of church property, parks, homes, or other facilities inside and out, before and after any events, tutorials or gatherings.

  • Students shall have a good attitude towards parents and their peers at events, tutorials, co-ops and gatherings.


  • All students shall adhere to the CASA Dress Code.


  • All students shall arrive on time for events, tutorials, co-ops and gatherings out of respect for others.

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