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Our FAQs

What is CASA?

CASA stands for Christian Academic Support Association.  Supporting Ventura County home school families, Pre-K, Elem., and High School as they create God-honoring and dynamic educational experiences. C.A.S.A. is a group of like minded families sharing in cooperative and group learning experiences. We look forward to growing together in the homeschooling adventure. 

What events does CASA offer?

CASA hosts several fun family events to solidify a shared homeschool experience and give each family an ability to connect to other like-minded families.  Membership includes several parent only support meetings to help families with questions, paperwork, and friendship.  Our website highlights upcoming events within the group as well as other events occurring outside in the community.

What support is offered for high-school students and their families?

Experienced moms lead regular meetings to offer support in creating and maintaining transcripts and helping ensure the completion of requirements for graduation. Assistance with Drivers Training, SATs, transcripts, college applications, work permits, etc.  We have a venue via our website where high schoolers can network and organize events. Events high schoolers are welcome to participate in that we will be hosting are….Picture Day (student IDs), History Night, Arts & Letters Night, CASA Hang Outs, Field Trips and Graduation.

Does CASA offer co-ops or group instruction?

CASA is offering tutorials this year. Please see our Tutorial page for a detailed list of our offerings. There are some co-op opportunities forming currently as well and those will be posted soon.

Does C.A.S.A offer graduation ceremonies?

Yes! Our renowned Graduation Ceremony occurs yearly at the end of the school year and is a wonderful way to commemorate and celebrate all the achievements of your homeschool journey. We promote Kindergarten, 6th grade, 8th grade as well as graduating our 12th grade seniors and we celebrate with a reception afterwards. 

Why do I have to join HSLDA?

As a group we want to support HSLDA and their efforts. They are an amazing organization that advocates for the rights of homeschooling families across the country. We also want our members to be covered legally should there ever be a case of a CPS report or any issues with the state regarding their decision to homeschool.  

What if I am enrolled in a PSP or a Charter School?

Please call HSLDA to discuss your membership eligibility. After contacting HSLDA, if you are deemed ineligible for membership, you may make a donation of $125 to HSLDA or to Roy Hanson and Family Protection Ministries in lieu of membership.

How much does it cost to join CASA?

Membership dues for CASA are $125 for the year. These dues go to cover our insurance costs, website fees, scholarships, and a small portion of our operating costs for events. 

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