Supporting Ventura County home school families, Pre-K, Elem., and High School as they create God-honoring and dynamic educational experiences. C.A.S.A. is a group of like minded families sharing in cooperative and group learning experiences. We look forward to growing together in the homeschooling adventure. 

Christian Academic Support Association     



Each year, a beautiful ceremony is held for the promotion of Kindergarten, 6th, 8th and the graduation of High School Seniors.  Music, student presentations, a commencement speaker, gowns, tassels and pictures help students and families mark these significant milestones.


High School

Experienced moms lead regular meetings to offer support in creating and maintaining transcripts and helping ensure the completion of requirements for graduation. Assistance with Drivers Training, SATs, transcripts, college applications, work permits, etc.



CASA hosts several fun family events to solidify a shared homeschool experience and give each family an ability to connect to other like-minded families.  Membership includes several parent only support meetings to help families with questions, paperwork, and friendship.  Our weekly update highlights upcoming events within the group and also occurring outside in the community.


Group Instruction

Each year CASA facilitates yearly and semester long group instructions led by professionals in their individual fields.  CASA also affords you the opportunity to start or join parent- created coops.