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  • Poinsettia Pavilion 3451 Foothill Road Ventura, CA, 93003 United States (map)

For ACHEV and CASA students 6th grade and older (including graduates), and parents.

This dance is a little different from the others hosted by ACHEV. For those of you who are new, English Country Dance (ECD) is social, or group dancing in sets or lines. The height of popularity was during the Regency Era, but it is just as wonderful today as ever. Live music! Although helpful, no prior experience necessary, as dances will be taught and called.

$15 per person ($30 family maximum); parent chaperones are free
Please bring a finger-food to share.

Parents are encouraged to participate in this dance. Many do every year. Parents who chaperone attend for free. If you wish to invite a guest, you need to contact Anita Schneider,
at or text/call 805-490-0154 in advance. Please remember it is your responsibility to carefully read dance notices to be sure your students and guests are prepared.

All dancers under 18 need a parent chaperone. If you are unable to stay, please make arrangements for another responsible parent to chaperone in your place. (Parents, if you do stay, please consider dressing up and joining the dancing!) Also, mature and motivated dancers as young as eleven years old are welcome as well. Parents, you are responsible for deciding if your younger children are ready to participate.


Formal Attire ~ Of Winters Past... is a time period formal event. Modest historical costumes are encouraged, otherwise formalwear, please, such as vests and ties for the boys, and long formal dresses for the girls. The ACHEV dress code for dances applies.

Students arriving at the dance without proper attire will be asked to call a parent to bring suitable clothing or return home to change. Please be gracious in accepting the decision of the person in charge.

For inquiries, please contact Anita Schneider

A Word About ACHEV Dances in General

ACHEV dances are for students who are 6th grade and older, including graduates. The ACHEV dress code for dances applies with exceptions noted for individual dances as needed. It is your responsibility to carefully read dance notices to be sure your students and guests are prepared. ACHEV families may invite guests, but guests need to be cleared in advance. Over the years it has become apparent that we need this check to make sure guests understand the dress code, basic rules, dance etiquette, etc. before arriving at the dances, and to ensure the dances remain comfortable and


safe for everyone attending.

Fun and creative ways to find and modify clothing for the ECD formal

For period dress examples, watch a movie based on a Jane Austen novel (Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, Emma).

Earlier Event: January 17
Later Event: February 14