Welcome to C.A.S.A., Christian Academic Support Association. We give thanks and praise to God for all that He has done and is continuing to do in us as we work together, parents and students, in the very high calling of homeschooling.

In the early 1990’s, with only a handful of families, Joe and Cheryl Gillaspy began a homeschool support group in their home.  Coming together as a group offered something that alone, individual Homeschools were missing- group events! The families began organizing regular activities including a science fair, a history night, a recital, and an annual graduation. Local churches offered their facilities for group classes led by tutors in Latin, Algebra and P.E. After 12 years the group obtained a non-profit status and became the independent homeschool ministry C.A.S.A. 

    Over the years, the vision for C.A.S.A. expanded as more families stepped up to offer their talents in support and encouragement of one another. Dozens of families have come and gone through the group over the years, contributing as well as gleaning from what the organization has to offer, leaving their mark, and taking something of value with them.  Now, led by a volunteer Board of Directors and a volunteer Leadership team, C.A.S.A. members build memories together through our educational events, park days, parent nights and Co-ops, etc. Tutor led classes (4th- High School) supplement parents in their homeschooling efforts.  This high quality volunteer ministry thrives on the innovation and hard work of its members. 

    The C.A.S.A. mission is to help home school families create a God-honoring and dynamic educational experience. We believe scripture instructs parents to be the teachers of their children and to nurture them in the Lord.   A lifestyle based upon Scripture produces positive results in home education- it is to this end that we offer our support.


Joe & Cheryl (Secretary) Gillaspy, Founders

Carl (President) & Maria Lodico, Directors

Doug & Martha (Treasurer) Parker