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Return to The Moon - Sept 1 (SoCal/Downey) - RSVP due 8/23

  • Columbia Memorial Space Center 12400 Columbia Way Downey, CA, 90242 United States (map)

This is NOT a CASA family inspired field trip.  It is through an outside homeschool community organizer.


This is a 2-hour unique interactive science experience, transforming you
into a scientist, engineer or researcher on a simulated mission to the
Moon, complete with mission control and space craft!

For the first time since 1972, a crew of astronauts is returning to the
moon to establish a permanent base to observe and explore, and perhaps
launch more spacecraft. Navigating their way into Lunar Orbit, students
will construct and launch a probe while analyzing a variety of data from
the lunar surface to select a site for establishing a permanent base on the

From the moment of lift-off to the completion of the mission, you become a
critical member of one of eight (8) mission teams. Using Math, Science,
Problem-Solving, Teamwork, Responsible Decision-Making, and Communication
skills, the eight teams work together to complete the mission.

EACH student will spend half the mission on the spacecraft as the
astronaut, and half the mission at mission control. There are tasks to be
completed during the rotation.

Eight Mission Teams (2-4 astronauts per team)

COM: "Mission Control, this is Space Station. Do you copy?" COM team is
skilled at reading and oral communications, and have the ability to work in
high stress situations while remaining focused on specific tasks.

DATA: Members transfer all electronic messages between Mission Control and
Space Station, AND access research video library on demand. DATA team
transfer and receive messages from six (6) other teams - must have strong
Reading, speaking and organization skills.

NAV: "Are we there yet?" NAV team is responsible for navigating the space
craft on its journey. They coordinate launches and landings as the scenario
requires. Must have strong mathematics and reading skills, knowledge of
Geometry, Angle Measurements, and Astronomy.

PROBE members assemble, deploy and monitor one or more space probes
launched during the mission. Must have strong mechanical skills,
proficiency in BOTH mathematics (6-8th grade) and reading (6-8th grade
level), analytical problem solving, and deduction skills.

MED: How does living in space affect the human body? Members are tasked
with monitoring all spacecraft astronauts for auditory and visual response
time, respiration rate, skin temperature, and heart rate. Must have
proficiency in Math (5-6th grade) and strong interest in Biology.

REM members work in a glovebox environment to analyze rock; mineral and
soil samples. Depending on the scenario, REM team also operates robotic
arms to collect rock samples for analysis.

LS: Life Support members take thermometer, barometer and hygrometer
readings. They perform pH tests and TDS tests on the spacecraft water
supply. Must have strong problem solving skills AND interest in
Environmental Science PLUS Chemistry.

ISO: Members use robotic arms to conduct research related to radioactivity;
meteoroids, and hazard materials.



Designed for 4th-12th Grades - and at least 9 years old per the Columbia
Memorial Space Center.

Highly recommended all students have 5th grade math and/or reading skills -
there are some tasks that can be a challenge for those without either.



$30.00 per student astronaut.



1) Sign Up at this Google Doc:

2) Send $30.00 per student via PayPal Send Money to Friends with NO FEEs to
YVONN.TEH@GMAIL.COM by August 23, 2017 with the following info in your
PayPal Notes:

(a) Blast off to Space - (Mission Name & Date)

(b) Your Student's First Name (only) and Age/Grade as of 10/1/17

(c) Your Name and Email Address.

** Mission Name is either (i) "Artemis - Sept 1" or (ii) "Ares - Nov 1" or
(iii) "Artemis & Ares"



1) This is a drop-off workshop - see #4 for parents/siblings.

2) Student astronauts will/can join in the Lego EV3 Mindstorms Robotics Lab
after their mission ends.

3) First-paid-first-confirmed.

4) Parents and siblings can enter to hang-out and explore the interactive
exhibits in the Space Center at $5.00 per person when the Space Center is
open to the public at 10:00 AM.

5) No food and drink inside the Space Center, except for water bottles.